About Symantha

IMG_8676Symantha Taylor hails from County Donegal, a place like no other on the Emerald Isle. Born of a region with a fierce independence and quirky uniqueness, Symantha is an accomplished stylist who indulges her love of travel and adventure at every opportunity. Recently, Symantha has taken her talents to London where she is pursuing new opportunities. She is excited to share her experiences with her fans through this blog as she samples the sights, sounds, flavors, people and products she discovers along the way.

In her capacity as a world-class designer she’s worked with major celebrities, public figures and some very rich and powerful people. They value her rich sense of style as much as her discretion; her inspirations appear in the homes, offices (and closets!) of the worlds’ leading entertainment, cultural and political figures.

She’s got a taste for luxury and and an eye for quality—but she finds joy in some of life’s simplest pleasures. She hopes you’ll join her on her journey of life’s most enchanting experiences.