Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

landscape-1444241583-kitchen-pantry-organization-tipsThe flowers are blooming, the neighbors are whistling, and the birds are singing; Spring has finally circled back around, but my house is still wallowing in winter musk.  My latest project is to engage in an extravagant spring cleaning and a massive de-clutter.  I wouldn’t necessarily refer to myself as a hoarder, but I do tend to get attached and hold on to things that really have no purpose to my life. This has been an issue for me ever since I can remember, but after recently watching a traumatic episode of hoarders, I experienced an instant wake up call and started planning ways to clean and organize my humble abode just in time for the warmer weather!

First, it’s essential to start with all of the closets in the house.  I promise you there is going to be piles and piles of things in there that you haven’t touched in years.  While debating on whether to chuck things out or not, I always remember this one thing:  If you haven’t used it in the past year,  get it out of your atmosphere.  
It’s super easy to let you pantries and cabinets pile up.  The most important part of straightening up your kitchen is deciding on a place for every little little thing, (even the wine glass charms)!  That way, you’ll stay super organized and won’t ever have to scavenge through the entire kitchen looking for your apple slicer ever again.
One thing that can completely transform your space is washing down every window in the house from the inside to the out.  I like to pick a cloudy day to do the windows so the sun won’t dry the cleaner before I’m done wiping it down.  
Stainless Steel and Counters
Make sure you invest in a specialized cleaner for your kitchen appliances and granite or marble counters. What’s the point in cleaning them if they don’t have that extra shine? 
I hope these tips help.. Good luck with your spring cleaning everyone!

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