Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday!

Today starts a weekend full of Easter Celebrations!easter-egg-1241960_960_720

Growing up, Easter was the next best thing to Christmas. As a child, every Easter I would wake up, go to church with my Gradad, and then visit 3 of his favorite pubs on the way home. He would drink pints of Guinness, and I would drink bottles of club orange with a straw…and I never forgot to ask for a side of tayto crisps!

cadbury-916342_960_720As Easter signified the end of lent, I would be sure to indulge in every chocolate egg I was given that day. I hate to admit it, but I was never the best at sticking to lent, but I sure made up for the slight lack of chocolate on this day! After dinner my cousins and I would be tripping each other to get to the shop for some sweets! By bedtime, between the sweets, the dinner, and all of the eggs, I was practically slipping into a chocolate coma!chocolate-781146_960_720

Not being in Ireland for Easter this year is a bit tough, but I am still going to continue some of the traditions with a gang of friends. I am making my Mum’s homemade traditional roast dinner with a leg of lamb, lots of vegetables, roast potatoes, and Granny’s gravy (the best!).

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend with your loved ones.


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