Hair Talk

Hair Talk

Have you ever found yourself watching a shampoo commercial and wondering if it’s even possible to get your hair to look anything close to that? Shiny, voluptuous hair can make all the difference in a first impression, but it sometimes seems impossible to achieve. Believe it or not, it’s easier than you may think for your hair to become dull and damaged.  Over-shampooing, wind, sun, even brushing the wrong way can over-stress your hair and cause split ends and dullness. Here’s how I keep my hair healthy, and runway ready:

Nutrients like vitamin B can help improve the strength and shine of your hair. Coconut is also recommended, as well as coconut water.  Ultimately just having a well rounded diet consisting of healthy oils, fats, proteins, and produce will leave hair beautiful.


hydration is especially important for your hair! If your hair is processed, water is your best friend for retaining the little moisture you have left.


Avoid heat as much as possible. It’s especially important to minimize use of hot irons and any heating tools on your hair (I know, this is extremely hair).  On those days where it’s not necessary to blow-dry or straighten your hair…Don’t! On days that is is, make sure you use a thermal protector spray! I also think using repair shampoo and conditioner helps a lot! My go-to right now is the Ouai hair care line. I highly recommend all of their products! Another tip to reduce the amount of heat contacting your hair, is using warm water in the shower rather than super hot water that can leave your hair dehydrated and brittle.  I ALWAYS run cold water over my hair for at least 30 seconds right before I leave the shower, it helps with hydration and shine.


Products that contain Biotin can be a sufficient source of attribution to hair growth. It has worked wonders for so many of my friends! I just started making sure I added into my morning vitamin routine!

Hope this helps!

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