Summer Diet? Not This Year!

Summer Diet? Not This Year!

Lately I’ve been obsessing over the fact that summer is around the corner! Summer BBQ’s, beach days, long tropical vacations, and SWIMSUITS.

The thought of getting into a bikini either triggers anxiety, or excitement. Even being around some of the world’s most beautiful people, I’ve learned how to enjoy myself wearing a swimsuit, being confident in my own skin, and truly loving my body for what it naturally is.


Here’s how:

The alkaline diet. I hate using the word “diet”, but for all intensive purposes, this DIET is the BIBLE to so many of my clients. I’ve heard of so many fad diets that are so unrealistic, and last a month before you start binge eating your whole pantry! The alkaline LIFESTYLE (Yes, I know- cue the eye roll), is practical, extremely healthy, and easy to follow.


This low -acid phenomenon is all about fueling your body with alkaline-rich foods to balance out all of the acidic foods we damage our bodies with each day. Our body naturally works hard to balance our delicate pH levels and when over worked it can drain your energy, and effects your body’s ability to heal itself.

Loading up on foods rich in alkaline and cutting back on acidity helps boost energy levels, decreases pain, builds your immune system, deepens your focus, sustains sleep, improves digestive, brighten the glow in your complexion, and the best benefit yet: FAT LITERALLY MELTS OFF OF YOUR BODY.


I’ve seen this do wonders for so many of my clients and friends that I’ve recently adapted the lifestyle and I must admit, I’ve never felt so good!

Foods rich in alkaline:
Broccoli, lemon, lime, grapefruit, avocado, coconut, pomegranate, tomato, red bell pepper, cucumber, celery, cabbage, orange…AND THE SUPPLEMENTS PICTURED ABOVE!

Foods to avoid:
Bread, dairy, pasta, meat, and coffee

I know what you’re thinking — deprivation. NO! Life is all about balance. Do not deprive yourself, aim for the “80% good 20% not so good” rule and I’m sure you will see results!


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